Looking to make it back here.

TWTR is reporting tonight.

I’m leaning just a bit on the short side, but no shares available to short from my broker…

Can’t buy puts either, as my funds haven’t fully cleared my account for options…

Well, taking a chance here going long, as it could really go either way.  Lots of strong tech earnings recently, so looking for a big move.

BUY 5400 TWTR @ $65.88


Not liking the intraday action, sold quickly for loss.

SOLD 5400 TWTR @ $65.35
$2990  LOSS


Stock is looking better before the bell, let’s try this one more time.

BUY 5300 TWTR @ $65.64

Stock moving up towards $66 heading into the bell.  Short squeeze is on, here we go!


Earnings beat, but after the initial pop up towards $69-70, now tanking hard.  Are you kidding me?  I was up $10k-$20k on the pop, now selling at a huge loss.

SOLD 5300 TWTR @ $57.02
$45,706  LOSS


Trying to catch one of the bounces after-hours to make some back.  Not working, getting totally chopped up:

BUY 5100 TWTR @ $58.75
SELL 5100 TWTR @ $57.35
$7267  LOSS


BUY 5100 TWTR @ $58.50
SELL 5100 TWTR @ $57.85
$3330  LOSS


BUY 5100 TWTR @ $58.45
SELL 5100 TWTR @ $57.82
$3217  LOSS


BUY 4900 TWTR @ $60.00
SELL 4900 TWTR @ $58.69
$6424  LOSS

I’m in shock, can’t believe I’m down over $68k in TWTR just today…

2 thoughts on “

  1. Sam Dogen says:

    I was in the Chinese of Twitter, SINA, which has had similar bad performance despite being 80% cheaper. It had its “pop” today with the IPO of Weibo (WB) on 4/17. Let’s see if it can get back on track.

    Financial Samurai

  2. I tried played SINA back in 2008, of course I lost money on that one too…

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