A picture speaks a thousand words.  Or in this case, a hundred ninety-five thousand words…




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  1. kguy77 says:

    Dude you have done NOTHING wrong. Chill.. 195K is a BIG amount. no doubt. But you need not go into a shell.

    1. Get realmoneypro subscription at realmoney.com. Around 120 bucks a year or so. Legend Doug Kass his there. Read him every day.

    2. Subscribe to VTF at http://www.t3live.com. VTF is virtual trading floor where live trading happens by real traders. You can watch and learn. twitter.com/redlerallaccess twitter.com/reddogt3live

    3. Subscribe to Trader Florida at http://www.traderflorida.net. See how he navigate charts.

    If charts/action tells you stay out, you STAY OUT. I post at twitter.com/keralaguy77.

    4. Visit Kerala when you get a chance. It liberates mind body and soul with enriching culture, ayurveda, people and cuisine (and not to talk about lovely women 🙂 ) Come rejuvenated whether you are going to be involved in trading or not.

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