A picture speaks a thousand words.  Or in this case, a hundred ninety-five thousand words…



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  1. kguy77 says:

    Dude you have done NOTHING wrong. Chill.. 195K is a BIG amount. no doubt. But you need not go into a shell.

    1. Get realmoneypro subscription at realmoney.com. Around 120 bucks a year or so. Legend Doug Kass his there. Read him every day.

    2. Subscribe to VTF at http://www.t3live.com. VTF is virtual trading floor where live trading happens by real traders. You can watch and learn. twitter.com/redlerallaccess twitter.com/reddogt3live

    3. Subscribe to Trader Florida at http://www.traderflorida.net. See how he navigate charts.

    If charts/action tells you stay out, you STAY OUT. I post at twitter.com/keralaguy77.

    4. Visit Kerala when you get a chance. It liberates mind body and soul with enriching culture, ayurveda, people and cuisine (and not to talk about lovely women 🙂 ) Come rejuvenated whether you are going to be involved in trading or not.

  2. mark says:

    I felt sick reading this. Have you been trading the stock market since? Your position sizing was way too big and your analysis was virtually non-existent. I can’t help but feel that you got exactly what you were looking for from this experience… why are you punishing yourself? Because that’s what this looks like to me. Take care of whatever problems are lurking in your personal life OUTSIDE of the stock market.

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